Equilibrium Balance Mod Changelog

Welcome to the changelog for the Equilibrium balance mod. The purpose of this mod is to fix the existing issues with the game, and make improvements to gameplay by increasing its strategic diversity, while keeping the overall feel of the game the same and familiar, so you don't need to relearn the game to play this mod.

You don't need to read the whole changelog to be able to play, you can do exactly what you always do and it will work. Perhaps some of the things are not so strong as before but you can still pick all the usual strategies and be successful with them.

I put a lot of time and effort to bring you this mod, I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else who has played it so far.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or complaints I will be happy to listen to you. This mod aims to be as good as possible - that means every useful suggestion will be integrated and every mistake or wrong decision fixed and afterwards I will be thankful that you pointed it out.

-- Ithilis


Quick Summary

There are many changes in this mod, but don't worry, you need to remember only a few of them! The rest are designed to bring improvements while not compromising your gameplay.
  • Mercies deal damage over time! Moving targets receive only a fraction of the damage.
  • Submarine warfare: Subs now counter surface ships; Sub Hunters counter subs and destroyers counter sub hunters!
  • Mass storages provide less adjacency and any mass stored in them is lost when they are destroyed.
  • RAS energy income has been nerfed, don't reclaim your pgens afterwards!
  • T4 units take much longer to build. Get t2/3 engineers, they are more efficient in this mod.
  • Veterancy doesn't instant-heal units anymore, don't rely on that when attacking with experimentals or your ACU.


This is the first major change of the mod, which compared to normal FAF, removes over 8 different arbitrary rules, making the veterancy system far simpler to understand and predict.


  • Rewarding killing expensive (and therefore high hp and powerfully-armed) units. A T3 scout worth 195m should not award the same veterency as destroying a T3 battleship worth 9000m.
  • To make veterancy a system which is intuitive and predictable for each unit. Units need to destroy 200% of their own mass to vet up.
  • Making the veterancy system predictable. With rules like "buildings give 50% of vet" it was impossible to predict when your units would gain veterancy.
  • Splitting veterancy rewards. Your units should gain xp relatively evenly, rather than have one level 5 Loyalist after an exp battle.
  • Naval units and submarines are far more expensive than land units and have far more HP, so they also gain more regeneration.



Large reclaim fields provide something dynamic to fight over and adds variance to each game, but too often, entire fields are being reclaimed by one side before retaliation can be mounted by the other. Reclaim fields will last longer on the battlefield, requiring that you hold the field, rather than just dropping mass engineers.

  • The time needed to reclaim wrecks is now twice as long. A unit with a build rate of 1 now reclaims at 10m/s → 5m/s

SACU spam is an egregious example of this; not only are they strong in their own right, but if one dies, it could be reclaimed very quickly by the other SACUs near it and funneled into even more SACUs. SACU wrecks will now take additional time to reclaim on top of the increase to all wrecks.

  • SACU wrecks now take twice as long as other wrecks to reclaim, taking four times as long to reclaim as the old FAF values.

Following the goal of keeping wreck fields on the battlefield longer, the Megalith has had its reclaim speed from building an egg on top of wrecks severly nerfed in order to keep it from nearly instantly reclaiming Experimental wrecks.

  • Megalith reclaim speed - 1800m/s → 200m/s

In vanilla, a late-game air battle over the enemy's territory was a glorified mass donation. This led to long, drawn out games where a player with an economic or production advantage cannot leverage that advantage without an overwhelming lead. The FAF balance mod changed ASF wrecks to leave behind half the normal amount of mass in their wrecks; this is now being applied to Air Experimentals as well, to give players more freedom to use them over enemy territory.

  • Air experimental unit wrecks contain - 81% → 40.5% of original unit mass cost


In general, there are few changes to factory build rates.

However, land factories have an increased buildpower so that they are more efficient than assisting engineers. This speeds up the game slightly, and lets you put out a strong spam of any tech level if you commit to it.

Building/upgrading a factory has the same drain rate as building units inside the upgraded factory.

Units built inside the factory will be orientated to the closest exist just before they leave so if you change your rally point mid-construction it will not cause the unit to be stuck turning around on the build platform.

Factory Economy Changes

Factory Build Rates - T1 - T2 - T3

  • Land: 20/40/90 → 25/50/100
  • Air: 20/40/120 → 20/40/120 (unchanged)
  • Navy: 20/60/120 → 20/60/180 (unchanged)
  • Quantum gateway: 120 → 100
    • Changed strategic icon to a factory type rather than structure.

Factory Drain Rates - T1 - T2 - T3

  • Land: - 5m/25e - 10m/50e - 20m/200e
  • Air: - 3m/50e - 7m/150e - 20m/1000e
  • Navy: - 5m/50e - 15m/100e - 45m/450e
Factory prices - T1 - T2 - T3
  • Land: - 240m 2100e 300bt - 800m 7200e 1600bt - 3400m 30600e 11000bt
    300m 1500e 300bt - 900m 4500e 2250bt - 3600m 36000e 9000bt
  • Air: - 210m 2400e 300bt - 640m 11700e 1600bt - 3250m 85091e 10400bt
    210m 3500e 350bt - 630m 13500e 1800bt - 3600m 120000e 9600bt
  • Naval: - 300m 1500e 300bt - 1370m 6600e 1800bt - 5450m 24472e 9180bt
    300m 3000e 300bt - 1350m 9000e 1800bt - 3600m 36000e 9000bt
  • T2/T3 support factories are built 3 times faster than HQs when upgraded from an existing factory.
  • In FAF, factories change their price depending on if you upgrade them or build with a higher tech engy. In equilibrium, the prices are tuned towards upgrading from existing factories, so building with engies may not give consistent drain values.
  • The dynamic price function was not fully working in FAF. It's been fixed in equilibrium; now the build time is also included in the dynamic price adjustment, so building with an engy is now done at the correct speed.

Factory HP

Factory HP values were changed to be harder to snipe, reducing the frustration from them being sniped so easily. The spread of HP between the factories was also reduced, so no faction would not get an unfair advantage.

Cybran structure regeneration changes have been reversed to 0, they didnt compensate well for the lack of HP, which is no longer present in EQ.

Since the Cybran naval factories are not able to be shielded, to better protect them from snipes they now have the highest HP, rather than the lowest, in an ironic twist of faction diversity.

Factory HP Changes

T1 factories

    Land/Air: T1 factory/T2 support factory
  • Cybran: 2750HP → 3375HP
  • Aeon: 3200HP → 3500HP
  • Seraphim: 3500HP → 3625HP
  • UEF: 4000HP → 3750HP
    Naval: T1 factory/T2 support
  • Cybran: 3200HP /5500HP → 4750HP /11250HP
  • Aeon: 3700HP /6400HP → 5000HP /7500HP
  • Seraphim: 4000HP /7000HP → 5250HP /7875HP
  • UEF: 4500HP /8000HP → 5500HP /8250HP
T2 factories
    Land/Air: T2 HQ factory/T3 support factory
  • Cybran: 5500HP → 6750HP
  • Aeon: 6400HP → 7000HP
  • Seraphim: 7000HP → 7250HP
  • UEF: 8000HP → 7500HP
    Naval: T2 HQ factory/T3 support
  • Cybran: 11000HP → 15000HP /22500HP
  • Aeon: 12800HP → 10000HP /15000HP
  • Seraphim: 14000HP → 10500HP /15750HP
  • UEF: 16000HP → 11000HP /16500HP
T3 factories
    Land/Air: T3 HQ factory
  • Cybran: 11000HP → 13500HP
  • Aeon: 12800HP → 14000HP
  • Seraphim: 14000HP → 14500HP
  • UEF: 16000HP → 15000HP
    Naval: T3 HQ Factory
  • Cybran: 17000HP → 30000HP
  • Aeon: 21000HP → 20000HP
  • Seraphim: 23000HP → 21000HP
  • UEF: 26000HP → 22000HP

Build time of experimentals

Made experimentals slower to build overall. Experimentals should not be able to be built in the same amount of time as a few T3 tanks.

  • T4 land & air units build 4 times faster than equivalent mass in a T3 factory

Build Power

Engineer cost changes

Making buildpower easier to estimate. Buffed engineering stations, and normalized all engineer costs to correspond to new factory build and drain rates. The Aeon and Seraphim have more expensive engineers that also have more buildpower, so they are easier to concentrate in the same spot.

There were also some tweaks to the cybran build effects. They are for the purpose of reducing lag and, interestingly, revert to a more original representation of the game.

T2/T3 engineers (except the sparky) have the same speed as T1 engineers, to make using them more convenient.

Buildpower Changes


  • T2: 140 → 125m; 1.7 → 1.9 speed;
    • T2 Sparky: 225 → 280m; 17.5 → 20br +Added rebuild function (same as SACUs have)
  • T3 UEF/Cybran: 440 → 250m; 1.7 → 1.9 speed; 30 → 25br +Added rebuild function (same as SACUs have)
    • UEF T3 engineers: 800 → 400HP
    • Cybran T3 engineers: 740 → 360HP
  • T3 Aeon/Seraphim: 440 → 375m; 40 → 37.5br +Added rebuild function (same as SACUs have)
    • Aeon T3 engineers: 680 → 480HP
    • Seraphim T3 engineers: 700 → 500HP
Engineering stations
  • Hive: 350m 1750e 1171bt → 275m 2750e 687.5bt -> 550m 5500e 1375bt-> 825m 8250e 2750bt
  • Kennel: 550m 2750e 1100bt → 300m 3000e 750bt -> 600m 6000e 1500bt
    • Kennel building build rate: 20 → 25
    • Kennel drone: 250m 2500e 750bt → 125m 1250e 625bt

ACU build rates

SACU default build rates decreased to help separate combat presets from eco and field engineer ones. This will create a real choice when deciding which to build.
  • T2: 42 → 40
  • T3: 126 → 120
  • SACU build rate: 56 → 25 ; Engineering Upgrade: 98 → 100br

Sacrifice system

Making the sacrifice system useful. Since engineers cost 5x more energy than mass, and most buildings cost 15x more energy than mass, engineers waste more mass than usual since the mass/energy ratio is different.

In Equilibrium, if an engineer assists a project with a lower mass:energy ratio than the engineer, instead of being wasted the leftover mass is left on the ground as a wreck.

  • T1/T2/T3 Aeon engineers: 60 → 80% mass & energy value
  • SACUs: 90 → 80% mass value and 90 → 80% energy value


Mex Changes

The economy progression was smoothed out and made more early game than before, so you can get T2/T3 units faster but things like game enders come out later instead.
  • T2 mexes cost less mass to get players faster onto T2 eco, where the game becomes more interesting.
  • T3 mexes that are cheaper, but with the same eco efficiency, this is a semi-nerf to T3 eco, to smoothen the transition between T2/3 mexes.
  • All factions' mexes have the same HP again, and not a large range.

Mass storage

Adjacency bonus decreased so players don't feel they have to put storages next to mexes, but still can. HP and price decreased to make the storage better for storage purposes, not just eco. It's important to notice that they have exactly the same efficicency as before - 2 times less income for 2 times less price.

Storage capacity removed from everything that isn’t an ACU/SACU/storage

  • SACU storage capacity: 275m+0e → 500m+5000e

Mass storage

  • Price change: 200m 1500e 250bt → 100m 1000e 125bt
  • Storage capacity: 500m → 1000m
  • Health: 800-1200 → 750
  • Adjacency bonus: 50% → 25% efficiency when fully surrounded
  • The mass they store within them is now lost on death.
  • They now have a new strategic icon - its the same as before but without the tech bar at the bottom, so just like the energy storage.

Mass extractors

  • T1: 36m 360e 60bt +2m-2e → 30m 300e 50bt +2m -1e 600HP
  • T2: 900m 5400e 1171bt +6m-12e 1800-2500HP → 800m 6000e 1250bt +6m -10e 2000HP
  • T3: 4600m 31625e 3944bt +18m-46e 6000-9000HP → 3600m 36000e 4500bt +16m -50e 6000HP

Mass fabricators

Making mass fabricators a more viable option. Their efficiency is the same, but they live longer, and need less power to support them. Mass fabs are great to put next to t3 factories, and also work next to pgens in grids, but they're not as efficient as t3 mexes.
  • T2: 100m 4000e 500bt +1 -150e 360HP 370dmg → 200m 4000e 312.5bt +1m -100e 500HP, 500dmg
  • T3: 3000m 65000e 4988bt +14m -3500e 6000HP death explosion 14aoe → 4000m 120000e 5000bt +16m -1500e 5000HP death explosion 10aoe
    • They now provide a 20% adjacency bonus to all structures except quantum gateways.

Energy storages

Changed adjacency values for energy storage so that it's efficient to build it for economic reasons, such as increasing your energy storage, and marginal use in power production, not just for overcharging.
  • Price: 250m 1200e 200bt → 200m 2000e 250bt
  • Storage capacity: 5000e → 8000e
  • Adjacency bonus: 50% → +100% efficiency when fully surrounded
  • The strategic icon is fixed so its not the same as a power generator when moused over or selected

Power generators:

  • All factions' power generators have the same HP again, and not a large range.
  • Hydrocarbon power plant: 1400-1800HP → 1500HP
  • T1 pgen: 2aoe death explosion 500-760HP → 2.5aoe death explosion 600HP
  • T2 pgen: 2198bt 1800-2500HP → 1875bt 2000HP
  • T3 pgen: 3240m 6000-9000HP 8000dmg → 3200m 8000HP 7500dmg explosion

Resource Allocation System

RAS was prohibitively energy expensive to get easily, but still pretty efficient if you did have the income required. This caused interesting issues where it was not used much. EQ RAS is significantly cheaper, possible to get as quickly as old RAS, but has less energy income.
  • Price for all factions: 5000m 175000e 2800bt → 5000m 125000e 2500bt
  • Cybran: 12m 2700e → 12m 2100e
  • UEF: 14m 2500e → 14m 1800e
  • Seraphim: 16m 2000e → 16m 1500e / 32m 4000e → 32m 2700e
  • Aeon: 18m 1700e → 18m 1200e / 36m 3400e → 36m 2100e

ACUs & Upgrades


ACU prices are changed to make them eventually repairable and work correctly with the new veterancy system.
  • ACU Cost (not normally seen/used): 18Km 50Ke 6M bt → 2 000m 48000e 20 000bt
  • Other units now can detect ACUs firing at them from the water, if they are in vision range, instead of them being invisible.
  • Since they were nerfed in the official FAF patch and not in EQ, upgrades are stronger in Equilibrium because ACUs dont get instant heal from veterancy, so they can have a consistent performance and be strong throughout the game, even well into the T3 stage.

Main gun

The gun upgrade range is nerfed to keep it in line with the other changes and keep ranges consistent throughout the mod.

The turret turn rate helps with microing the acu when it switches targets - makes it nicer to use.

Target priorities were adjusted to prevent a rare bug when the enemy ACU was prioritized over units.

  • Range: 22 → 23
    • Gun upgrade range: 30 → 28
    • Aeon gun upgrade range: 35 → 33
  • Turret turn rate: 90° → 100°/s
  • Target priorities: LAB -> T1 mobile tank -> T1 mobile-> T2 mobile -> T3 mobile -> structure defense


Overchange was a somewhat strange mechanic which was really strong against t2/3 units, and was not obvious to newer players that you require an energy storage to use it.

In Equilibrium, overcharge now does variable damage, depending on how much energy is drained. To stop it from being too strong against experimentals but still try to keep the overall energy drain as low as possible, reload time has been increased, so you can't destroy experimentals really quickly if you store up the energy. Overall this is a big nerf to late game OC and a buff to early game OC.

  • The damage increases in steps of 1000 up to 15 000 per shot
  • Energy drained per 1000 damage: 2000, up to 30 000 per shot when dealing 15 000 damage.
  • Special code prevents units from being overkilled and wasting your energy. OC always aims to kill whatever it hits in one shot.
  • Buildings take 20% damage from OC, so from 200 up to 3000 per shot.
  • ACUs take 10% damage from OC, so from 100 up to 1500 per shot.
  • Reload time: 3.3 → 5s

Cybran base regeneration

This makes the Cybran ACU have more consistent regen with the other factions. Normal FAF has since copied this change.
  • Regeneration: 17 → 15HP/s

T2 upgrade

Making T2 more useful, as it was a bit too expensive compared to gun, causing more frequent rambo coms with T1 spam. Aeon and Cybran get larger HP bonuses since they cant get gun + T2.
  • Price: 800m 18000e 900bt → 700m 14000e 700bt

  • UEF/Seraphim: +2000 → +1000HP
  • Aeon: +2000 → +1500HP
  • Cybran: +2000 → +2000HP

T3 upgrade

Price changed to give a constant drain of 10m/s 200e/s, made slightly more expensive and now gives a slightly larger HP bonus since veterancy no longer instant-heals.
  • Price: 2400m 8400bt +3000/3500HP → 2500m 5000bt +4000HP


Drains 20m/500e, making it much easier to get without ruining eco or pausing.
  • Price: 150 000e 1400bt → 125000e 2500bt
  • Cybran: 12m 3500e 12m 2100e
  • UEF: 14m 3300e 14m 1800e
  • Seraphim: 16m 3000e 16m 1500e / 32m 6000e 32m 2700e
  • Aeon: 18m 2700e 18m 1200e / 36m 5400e 36m 2100e


More consistent drain values when upgrading. A little improvement for all teleport animations. Fixed a bug where the sound did not go away after cancelling tele or teleporting.
  • Price: 4200bt → 5000bt
  • Cybran: Re-added teleport effect (since implemented in normal FAF)


Slight adjustments to the upgrades for UEF and Sera. UEF missiles get camera vision as one of their faction traits, which can reveal useful info about enemy positions.
  • Price: 1500m → 1200m 60000e 1200bt
  • UEF: Added camera vision on missile 10aoe 10s

Aeon upgrades

Chrono: lowered price and effectiveness, making it a safer, more consistent upgrade, hoping that it will be seen more in game, because it’s an interesting option that is underused.

Shield was mostly kept the same from old patches, so heavy shield is now stronger than current FAF.

  • Omni Sensor: 10000e 500bt → 8000e 400bt
  • Shield: 35000e 8000HP 150e/s drain → 40000e 10000HP 100e/s drain
    • Recharge time from depletion: 65s → 120s
    • Price: 1300m 1300bt → 1000m 1000bt
  • Heavy Shield: 2300m 123750e 2450bt → 3600m 480Ke 2400bt
    • 25000HP 32sHP/s → 44000HP 60sHP/s
  • Chrono dampener: 1750m 52500e 1225bt 200e/shot → 1500m 60 000e 1500bt drain 400e/shot
    • 35r, 3.5s stun, 5s reload time → 33r, 2s stun, 4s reload time
    • 20HP/s regeneration added.
    • Now fires automatically at all available targets, including air/naval.
    • Now works from transports and underwater.

UEF upgrades

Nano needed a nerf because it was used extremely frequently as a cheap all in strategy after it was overbuffed - now it works with the EQ veterancy system, giving no bonus HP but slightly more regen, helping you fill up the HP after a veterancy.

Compared to Aeon the UEF shield costs less mass but more energy.

The shoulder drones got some quality-of-life improvements to make them nicer to use - they now upgrade alongside tech upgrades for your ACU, increasing their build power. They are also cheaper to rebuild than to build.

The Billy is now a more consistent weapon, where it's easier to defend against, but more dangerous against T3 land units. Also gets camera vision as part of the UEF faction traits.

  • Drone: 150m 2250e 300bt
    • Now scale buildpower with ACU tech level, with special effects added so show that. This buildpower bonus is lost if the ACU tech upgrade is removed.
    • Buildpower T1/2/3: 5/10/20
    • Rebuild cost: 75m 750e 15s (set time)
  • Nano: 32000e 800bt
    • 1500 bonus HP, 40HP/s → no bonus HP, 50HP/s
  • Shield: 2300m 112500e 2800bt 35sHP/s → 1400m 126000e 1400bt 35sHP/s
    • 19000HP 30sHP/s → 24000HP 35sHP/s (reverting FAF changes)
  • Bubble shield: 3600m 450 000e 3400bt → 3000m 500 000e 2000bt 50sHP/s
    • Spills over 15% of its damage (reverting FAF changes)
  • Billy nuke: 5400m 315 000e 5600bt → 5000m 375 000e 2500bt
    • Missile cost: 3000m 316260e 3060bt → 3000m 300 000e 3000bt
    • Billy missile HP: 4 → 3
    • Minimum range: 15 → 25
    • Damage: 12000 15aoe + 250dmg on 25aoe → 9000dmg on 15aoe + 1000dmg on 25aoe
    • Added camera vision on missile 20aoe 10s
    • It is now possible to correctly queue and fire missilses without waiting a long time, given enough assistance.

Cybran upgrades

Laser: For more fluent numbers

Torpedo:Its hard to counter the Cybran ACU with torpedo upgrade early on, so its nerfed a little. Its firing pattern was adjusted as part of the submarine rework.

Stealth: Since the Cybran ACU has low hp, it gets some regen on its stealth upgrade so its got a strong combination like gun+T2 for the other factions.

Cloak: Making it cheaper so it can be used more often, because it’s an interesting part of the game. The regen is added to make it a bit more defensive.

  • Laser: 4000m 560 000e → 4200m 560 000e
    • Improved targeting priorities to target ACUs and experimentals before T1/2 units
  • Torpedo: 37500e → 45000e adjusted firing pattern
    • Having the gun upgrade increases its range by 10
  • Stealth: Regeneration 0 → 10hp/s
  • Cloak: 6000m 750 000e, 4200bt, -3000e/s → 5000m 625 000e 2500bt -2500e/s drain
    • Regeneration: 0 → 20hp/s
    • Adds max 15000HP → 13000HP

Seraphim upgrades

Restoration Field: It's hard to compare the Sera Regen field to gun, so now its a choice between having a stronger ACU, or a stronger army. More HP and regen to allow the acu to stay in fights longer. The max regeneration on advanced restoration field was reduced to prevent abusive cases where a couple of destroyers could easily beat battleships.

Heavy gun: The range increase and price change helps it be used more often in the game, because it was simply too expensive for what it did.

  • Regen field price: 600m 4500e 600bt 600m 18000e 600bt
    • Fixed bug where regen rate gets reduced to its maximum for units that have more regen.
    • Fix bug with regen aura that causes wierd behaviour when near another Seraphim ACU with advanced regen aura.
    • +1000HP 0HP/s → +1500HP +15HP/s regeneration for ACU
    • 0% → +6,25% new max HP for units in 22 → 23r
    • Min/Max regen: 10/20HP/s
  • Advanced Regen Field price: 1400m 42000e 1400bt
    • Regeneration for ACU: 2500HP, 0HP/s → +3500HP +25HP/s
    • New max HP for units: +10% new max HP, 30r → 15%
    • Range: 30 → 33
    • Regeneration of units’ total HP: 1,11111% → 1%
    • Min/Max regen: 0/200 → 10/60
  • Nano-repair system: 1800m 56000e 1800bt → 1500m 60000e 1500bt
    • Adds max 2000HP → 3500HP
  • Advanced Nano-repair system: 23 000HP 210HP/s 4200bt → 15 000HP 185HP/s regen 3000bt
  • Heavy Gun: 5400m 270 000e 4600bt 23r → 3000m 300 000e 2000bt 26r
    • Additional Damage: 620 → 400


In this mod land units are adjusted to keep the same purposes but to make gameplay more consistent (less random BS) and make tech level progression not so steep - so you can use lower tech units more effectively later on, rather than having to crtl-k them for mass.
  • T1 units have more HP, and less dps, in total with the same efficiency, but give more time while they are being killed = can be used as a meat shield for higher tech armies that have a larger range
  • T2 units have more concentrated dps in one unit, and have units with special roles
  • T3 units have even more concentrated dps and HP in one unit than T2, and have additional units for special roles.
  • T4 experimentals have a new build-time, which is 25% of their mass spent on units built from a T3 factory, before was experimental build-time was equal to ~12%.

  • Units that have personal cloak now feature the cloak effect from BlackOps! (Original work by OrangeKnight, Lt_Hawkeye, and Exavier Macbeth)

  • Units that are amphibious now play firing sounds correctly when underwater! This lets you know when an ACU/experimental with feet in the water is firing at you!

T1 Land Units

T1 land factories drain 5m/25e when producing main land units


  • Cybran: 8m, 40e, 80bt → 10m, 100e, 50bt
  • Aeon: 8m, 40e, 80bt, 25r → 15m, 150e, 75bt, 23r
  • UEF: 12m, 80e, 80bt, 25r, 29HP → 15m, 150e, 75bt, 23r, 30HP


Making labs usable not only at the start of the game, more speed to be better for raiding; they have had a huge buff, but don’t worry they still lose to tanks in direct combat in larger numbers! However you can now use them with a T1/2 army as well.
  • Changed target priorities to something more logical: where you kill radar first, and then ACU for easier ghetto snipes.
  • The personal cloak on the Selen was made easier to use, and the unit is now more like a lab, with improved manoeuvrability and it's now able to shoot while moving properly.
  • The Flare now creates a large vision radius when it dies, living up to its name. Its intended to be used in combination with Auroras, giving them the intel they need to use their range.
  • The Mech Marine is the strongest lab, but doesnt have any abilities.

    Mobile AA

    This unit became frustrating when it was overbuffed, in EQ it doesnt kill a bomber in a single pass, and hits more consistently in return for lower DPS. Its speed was increased to chase bombers better, and now it can also hit interceptors.

    AA units have only AA weapon and when are mixed in army then don't react on ground attack order. We fix this problem so now they don't stay in one place.

    The Cybran MAA now has a semi-useful ground fire mode. It wont beat T1 tanks but its not completely useless now. The ground projectile now tracks its target, to make it more consistent. It’s slower than other mobile AA so it has more range to compensate.

      • Weapon toggle removed - it now auto toggles so you don't have to fight the UI.
      • The AA weapon is able to fire from transports with 25r

    Mobile Artillery

    T1 Mobile artillery: mostly unchanged, but it needed some adjustments to fit in with the balance and got some quality-of-life changes.

    Medusa: Stun added against T3 units, dps added to make it less annoying to use vs pd, so price is also increased.

    Fervor: Compensating for the aurora losing range, their main advantage on T1, the fervor was made better for use against land units (and ACUs).

    Lobo: vision time increase to give this feature more potential. AOE increased to help it compete with other artillery.

    • Price: Aeon/UEF 36m 180e 180bt → 35m 175e 175bt
    • Medusa: 36m 180e 180bt, 140HP, 38dps → 40m 200e 200bt, 150HP, 50dps (250dmg/5s), EMP:
      • T1: 3s 2aoe
      • T2: 2s 1,5aoe
      • T3: 1s 1aoe (unable to stun T3 naval)
    • Zthuee: 54m 180e 180bt → 50m 250e 250bt, minimal range 8 → 5 (same as other t1 artillery)
    • Fervor: Reload Time: 2 → 1s ; AOE: 0,5 → 1 Damage: 200 → 100 ; Turret pitch range: 45 → 75 ; Uniform scale: 0,07 → 0,09
    • Lobo: AOE: 1 → 1.2 ; Vision on projectile: 5s → 10s


    T1 now tanks live longer, so take a longer time to defend against pushes. Also they are a better meat shield for higher tech units, so they are more useful in late game. The overall gameplay with T1 land is largely unchanged, with a couple of tweaks here and there to make it more defined.

    Speed decreased to let LABs have more room for raiding.

    Mantis now have more build rate so the assist feature is used more often.

    • Mantis: 52m 273e 260bt; 270HP 26dps 3,7sp, 1br → 55m 275e 275bt; 330HP 23.3dps 3.7sp 1.5br
      • Icon changed: bot → tank
    • Thaam: 54m 270e 270bt; 280HP 24dps 3,5sp → 55m 275e 275bt; 360HP 23dps 3.4sp
    • Aurora: 52m 260e 260bt; 140HP 26dps 26r 1.5s reload time 2.9sp → 55m 275e 275bt; 200HP 25dps 23r 1.8s reload time 2.8sp
    • Striker: 56m 266e 280bt; 300HP 24dps 3,4sp → 55m 275e 275bt; 400HP 20dps 3.3sp
  • T2 Land Units

    Note: T2 land factories drain 10m/50e when producing main land units

    Support units without weapons:

    These units got quality of life changes as well as slight price adjustments to make their drain values more consistent. The Deceiver has been nerfed a little, and no longer works in transports.

    AA Flak

    AA flak: To make gunships a more useful option, the hover ability is now more expensive. Faction with t2 shield have less HP on flak. Target priorities changed to reduce annoying behaviour, less range, and more
    muzzle velocity to make them be more reliable.
    • General AA changes: 2.5 firing randomness, 40r → 4fr, 38r, changed target priorities to gunships before anti-air units


    • Price: 160m 144dps 4aoe 20muzzle → 200m 100dps 3aoe 55 muzzle velocity
    • Speed: 3/2.8sp → 2.8speed
    • UEF: 1000HP → 900HP


    • Price: 160m 4aoe 20muzzle → 220m 120dps 2.5aoe 60 muzzle velocity
    • Speed: 2.6/2.5sp → 3speed/ 3.4speed on water
    • Aeon: 1000HP → 900HP

    Mobile missile launchers

    These units were tweaked a bit to have some more faction diversity and make them more interesting overall.

  • Seraphim: This factions trait is to have fewer, more versatile, multifunctional units, such as their T2 destroyers taking on the role of T2 submarines. Their T2 land is not very diverse. This change makes MML also usable against land units on a shorter range, making it follow the factional design philosophy.
  • Aeon: A large reload time, which is a disadvantage against TMD, but its projectiles are faster and have some AOE instead, which helps against both TMD and mobile units.
  • UEF: Camera on UEF T1 artillery is a nice feature, so now the UEF has it equipped on its missile weapons, so you can use it to tell what you are shooting at - complementing the turtle-war specialised faction.
    • Price: 1500e, 1500bt → 1400e/2100e(aeon/Seraphim), 1400bts
    • Minimum range: 5/4/4/3 → 5

    • Evensong: 750HP → 650HP
      • Missile: 1aoe, initial speed 3, max speed 12, acceleration 3 → 1.5aoe, initial speed 10, max speed 16, acceleration 4
    • Ythisah: 800HP, 2.7speed → 625HP, 2.4speed
      • Missile: Now tracks its targets if they are below 38 range, this is displayed with a new range circle.
      • Short range dps: 30 (long range dps: 60)
      • Target priorities: defence structure ->T3 mobile ->T2 mobile... → defence structure ->T2 bot uef cybran ->command ->T3 mobile -> T2 mobile..
      • Added display ability: "Homing Missile"
    • Flapjack: Its missiles are now equipped with cameras: 7.5aoe 5 seconds duration

    200 Mass Category

  • Hover units are better on land, but worse against navy, so they are now a relevant strategic option on land and while not as OP on navy.
  • Hoplite slowed down, because hover units are also slower, and they need to be able to catch hoplites.

    280 Mass Category

  • Sparky has received usability improvements and a small HP boost in exchange for a price increase.
  • Mongeese don’t miss, making them a very deadly unit, so I decided on a conceptual change to a new unit type, which is in between hoplites and pillars. It adds a new strategic option that is different than simply using hoplites, and increases faction diversity.
  • Rhino turret turn rate increased to make them more consistent when being microed, and they dont miss quite as often or shoot the floor as much.

    360 Mass Category

  • Riptide is made usable on land, has more build time so its harder to spam, which makes them less effective against navy.
  • Obsidians with their changed target priorities are now less vulnerable to OC, because you can now spread them and still focus the ACU.
  • The Ilshavoh had a strange bug when it couldn't shoot units right next to it. Now it can.
  • Fire beetles have been reworked to be more effective against land armies and worse for sniping ACUs, they are now much easier to use, and their cloak can be combined with deceivers for a potentially deadly weapon. Use with cloaked moles to confuse the enemy!
    • Riptide: 1980e 1320bt 1700HP 90dps → 3600e 1800bt 2000HP 120dps
      • Fixed the buggy jittering/side to side movements when ordered to move back
      • Movement speed reduced to 85% when over water
    • Obsidian: 1250HP+1500HP 75s recharge 2.6sp 4s reload time -10e → 1500HP+1125shield (60s recharge time) 2.65sp 3.3s reload time -1e drain
      • Changed target priorities to ACU
      • Improved turret behaviour, now it wont stop shooting in some cases when you are trying to micro it.
    • Ilshavoh: Turn rate: 70° → 180°; TurretPitchRange: 60° → 90
    • Fire beetle: 300m 500hp 0 regen 5sp 1500dmg 6aoe 22 visual → 360m 500hp 5HP/s regen 4sp 3000dmg 5.5aoe cloak (-50e/s) 15 visual
      • Stun on explosion removed
      • Explosion radius now shown with an indirect fire range indicator
      • Automatic targeting of highest value targets - when near something valuable they explode automatically. Set to hold fire to disable.
      • Explodes on death and doesn't damage friendly units so its not an issue if you dont ctrlk them
      • Hitbox and target bones updated so units can hit it a little better and shoot the ground less
  • T3 Land Units

    What I tried to achieve with T3 balance is to have a T3 tech which doesn't make T2 units obsolete, but does give an advantage. Currently T1/2 units very quickly become useless as soon as the T3 level is reached, which I think is quite sad since T2 has all the support units that should be used with t3, instead of just brick spam.

    Note: T3 land factories drain 20m/200e when producing main land units

    Support units

  • Shields are buildable from naval factories, to make them a more convenient option when focusing on naval production.
  • Absolvers have been adjusted to make them nicer to use:
    • To be able to outrange ravagers under shields more comfortably.
    • Buildable from naval factories, to make them a more convenient option.
    • Price adjusted to fit the 520m price category.
  • Spearheads fit 440m the category, and have more aoe make them slightly better against units. They also have cameras on their missiles that reveal their point of impact.
    • Athanah: 540m 4800e 300e drain, 400HP → 518m 9250e 300e drain, 2000HP buildable from naval factories
      • Dummy weapon added enabling them to react on attack move
      • Spills over 15% of its damage (unchanged unlike normal FAF)
    • Absolver: 420m 4800e 75r → 518m 9250e 80r buildable from naval factories
    • Spearhead: 400m 3000e → 441m 7875e 1700HP 0.5aoe → 1500HP 1aoe
      • Added missile camera vision 10 aoe 10s

    520 Mass Category

  • Titans and loyalist adjusted a little to make (and keep) them useful.
    • Titans are stronger.
    • Loyalists have effective abilities.
    • Titan: 480m 5400e 3150HP (15s recharge 20HP/s) 166dps 22r 3.8sp 25e drain → 520m 6500e 2000HP+1000shield (45s recharge 6HP/s) 210dps 23r 3.5speed
      • Shield drain: 1e/s
      • Turn rate: 120 → 150 (reverting FAF changes)
    • Loyalist: 480m 5400e 3000HP 185dps 25r 3.8sp → 520m 6500e 2700HP 100+130dps 23/18r 3.7sp
      • Stun on death: 1.4s → 1.5s
      • Range of the EMP blast is now denoted with the indirect fire range ring
      • Turret Turn rate: 120 → 180 (reverting FAF changes)
      • Changed display ability from volatile to EMP
      • The missile redirection code is greatly improved. Redirected missiles won't hit the ground, will be stopped by enemy shields, shot down by enemy TMD, and can be redirected again by enemy Loyalists. Possibly in a never ending cycle of TML bounces.

    640 Mass Category (Sniper bots)

    Snipers have been adjusted to the rest of the T3 land units, and tweaked to be a little easier to use.
  • The Seraphim sniper bot has been remade to be more convenient - it is now on sniper mode by default and its short range mode is more pronounced - use it for higher dps on lower ranges. Also any issues it had with attack move have been fixed. Now switching modes doesnt make it go closer than it needs to.
    • Seraphim: 3sp 116/140dps 5/14.3s reload time 65/75r 0aoe 0.8/0.6fr while moving → 2.1sp 120dps(1.5aoe) 0.6 fr while moving or 90dps(1aoe) 38/75r 0.4fr while moving, 5/15s reload time
      • No longer has any penalty to movement speed, it always moves at a constant speed irrespective of long or short range mode.
      • Long range mode is on by default and is no longer reset when entering a transport.
      • The snipers projectiles are less likely to hit the ground instead of their target.
    • Aeon: 135dps 7s reload time 70r 0aoe 0.75fr while moving → 450HP 100dps 10s reload time 70r 1.5aoe 0.5fr while moving
    • Max Speed: 2.85 → 3 (reverting FAF changes)

    Mobile AA

    • Aeon/UEF: 760m
    • Cougar: Now hits targets far more consistently, able to shoot down air scouts without any issues in one pass.
    • Seraphim/Cybran: 840m
    • Bouncer: 800m 1900HP 1.5fr 25r 2.9sp → 1800HP 100gf dmg homing missile 38r 2.6sp
      • Weapon toggle removed - now it auto switches instead of using an uncomfortable function.
    • Lightning tank: 960m 2100HP 180dps 28r 2.7sp → 840m 2000HP 180gf dps 1gf aoe 28r 2.6sp

    840 Mass Category

    T3 Tanks have been tweaked to be more convenient, with slight adjustments to how they interact with eachother.

  • Othuums now need micro to win against Harbingers. Also they got their much needed buff.
  • Harbingers get more buildpower because reclaim rate was decreased.
    • Othuum: 5000HP 2.5sp 156+131dps 25/32r → 6000HP 2.6sp 140+100dps 23/33r
      • Torpedoes: switched to depth charges 50dmg every 3s on 20r
    • Harbinger: 3050HP+1000shield (40s recharge 30HP/s) 320dps 3br 25e/s drain → 3000HP+1500shield (45s recharge 6HP/s) 275dps 10br 1e/s drain

    840 Mass Category (T3 mobile artillery)

    Mobile artillery has not been changed significantly, just some small price adjustments to ensure it has the same role and quality of life changes to make it a little less buggy.
    • Price: 800m 8000e 4800bt → 840m 12000e 6000bt
    • Minimum range: 0 → 10
    • Muzzle Velocity: 22 → 24
    • Serenity: 72dps → 86,25dps
    • Trebuchet: 67dps 2fr 6.6s reload time 7aoe → 70dps 1.75firing randomness 6s reload time 5aoe

    1000 Mass Category

    In Equilibrium, when you use the range advantage of heavy bots they win, if not, you draw or lose against equal mass against units in the 840m category.

    Compared to the FAF rebalance, they are cheaper and weaker by a similar amount, so they are more versatile early on, and aren't so concentrated in one spot.

  • Brick: Increased its firing cone a little so it can fire more nicely.
    • Brick: 1280m 14 000e 6000bt → 1000m 10 000e 5000bt
      • 7500HP 312.5dps 32r → 5900HP 300dps 33r
      • turret pitch 0, turret pitch range 75 → turret pitch 10, turret pitch range 90
      • Torpedoes switched to depth charges: 15-32r → 25r firing pattern adjusted.
      • Improved turret behaviour, now it wont stop shooting in some cases when you are trying to micro it.
    • Percival: 1280m 14000e 6000bt → 1000m 10000e 5000bt
      • 7200HP 334dps 4s reload time 32r → 6000HP 300dps 33r 3s reload time
      • Movement speed: 2.0 → 2.1
      • Improved turret behaviour, now it wont stop shooting in some cases when you are trying to micro it.
  • T4 Land Units

    Experimentals in this game were not in the right spot - they were more of a cheese unit than a true experimental. Their incredibly fast build time leads to teams rushing a monkey and the difference between a victory and a mass donation relying on whether the opponent scouts you 10 seconds later, which is not a consistent way of winning the game. Because of this the experimentals are very weak in direct, fair combat. I increased their buildtime and make them less cheese and more strategic instead.


    T3 units are weaker in this mod (-25%dps -35%HP), so experimentals are changed to maintain balance.
    • Experimentals have roughly 15% less HP than before
    • The GC, Monkeylord, Megalith, Ythotha and the Fatboy now prioritise the ACU over everything else.


    • Price: 20 000m 27 500bt 45000HP -400e/s → 20 000m 33 333bt 40 000HP -250e/s
    • The laser turret now start turning at units before they are in range so its not stuck turning while being shot at.


    Its price increased because Ion storm is now extremely useful for supporting your army.
    • Price: 26 500m 46 875bt 67 000HP → 28 000m 46666bt 60 000HP
    • Direct fire range: 47 → 45 (unchanged from 3650)
    • Face cannon: 8muzzle 6000 damage → 10muzzle 8000 damage (reverting FAF changes)
    • Gattling gun: 550 damage → 610 damage (reverting FAF changes)
    • 3rd gun: 1850dmg 6aoe → 1200dmg 3aoe
    • AA: 1.5aoe → 3.5aoe 20muzzle → 60muzzle; fixed bug with targeting
    • Ion storm: friendly fire disabled! friendly fire 1000dps 20r 0,1aoe, 30s life time → 400dps 28r 0.5aoe, 45s life time
    • Improved handling on all of its weapons, so it never turns in such a way that one of its guns can't fire, and better performance on close range, reducing its weakness to bumping.

    Galactic Colossus

    • Price: 27 500m 51 500bt 99 999HP → 28000m 46 660bt 85 000HP
    • Magnet claws now work better and more consistently, they can fire once every 10 seconds, or an equivalent of 600dps per claw when facing bricks/percies (6000HP units). (since integrated into normal faf but with fewer improvements than in EQ)


    Its DPS was moved from long range to short, because T3 units have less HP, and dps, short range is less annoying and gives more time for opponents to deal with the fatboy.

    It is now able to build units while moving! There is now a separately selectable submodule on the Fatboy which builds the units. The Percival can also be built underwater now.

    • Price: 47 500bt 32500HP -500e/s 180br → 46 660bt 35 000HP -250e/s 200br
    • Main cannons: (100r): 4x750 → 4x525dps
    • Secondary guns: (45r): 2x450 → 2x750dps
    • Torpedoes: 75 → 150dps; Range: 40 → 60
    • AA weapon: 110 → 360dps
    • Shield: reload time: 120s 100/s → 120s regen 85/s
      • Spills over 15% of its damage (reverting FAF changes)


    The Scathis was a very cheap game ender on small maps, and useless on larger ones. We gave it a new role, embracing the concept of mobile artillery.
    • Reworked as a mobile artillery piece, with more versatility but far less destructive power.
    • It now has EMP which makes it great for supporting armies.
    • It can now move faster, but is slow to accelerate.
    • It is now able to support navies by firing from underwater - this is only useful on mostly water maps since on land you can have it shielded, and it is vulnerable to torpedo bombers.
    • Price: 85 000m 1 500 000e 80 000bt → 30 000m 375 000e 50 000bt
    • 17500HP 1.5sp 1578dps 7aoe 330r 1.9s reload time → 30 000HP 3sp 600dps 6aoe 200r 3s reload time
    • EMP: 12aoe T1:3.5s T2:2.5s T3:1.5s


    • Price: 60 625bt 110 000HP 180br 0,5HP/s regen underwater vision 32 → 63 330bt 95 000HP 40br 15HP/s regen underwater vision 45
    • Flak: 30dps 20 muzzle velocity → 80dps 55 muzzle velocity
    • Torpedo defence reload time: 7.7s → 6.25s
    • Megalith egg build times adjusted to the Megalith’s new build rate and units are built 2x faster than in a regular T3 factory.


    Previously OP, the SACUs have received a much needed rebalance in this mod. Here extra care was taken to ensure that all the presets can be used in various situations, and even SACUs without presets. In general SACUs have a more supporting role and work well when mixed in with T3 units.

    Note: Quantum gateways drain 40m/2000e when producing most SACUs


    Price and range reduced to make SACUs weaker without any upgrades, but worth building like presets, opening a new role for SACUs.

    With reduced buildpower and more time to be reclaimed, there is less chance that SACU spam will reclaim anything that dies immediately after the battle.

    The death explosions make SACU spam more risky since it could start a chain reaction, also it’s possible to use as a kamikaze weapon, especially with RAS upgrade that increases damage. Damage type changed to prevent teleportation snipes of important buildings by dieing next to them.

      Basic SACUs cost: 1800m 90 000e 4500bt, 25br, 23r, 5HP/s natural regeneration
      • Basic Seraphim SACU cost: 2000m 100 000e 5000bt
      • Seraphim resource generation: 1m & 150e/s

      The SACU wreck is reclaimable 2x slower than other units.

      Death explosion: 2500dmg on 10aoe, changed to ACU nuke type - doesn’t damage buildings

      • Rapid fabricator: adds 96 → 100br; Cost: 800m → 600m 30 000e 1500bt
      • RAS: 4200m 210 000e 10 500bt; increase death explosion 2500dmg → 5000dmg
      • Teleport: 15 000m 1 500 000e 18750br (drains 20m/2000e/s)
      • Fixed a bug with most SACUs with a range upgrade where projectiles despawned on the edge of their range


    Sacrifice removed: it was a useless upgrade, and it’s much better to have nano in it’s place so that you have a military upgrade on each slot. Now sacrifice is available at all times.

    • 15 000HP 200dmg/0.8s reload time
    • Removed the Sacrifice System upgrade and moved the Nano upgrade to that place.
    • The Sacrifice ability is provided by default with 90% → 80% efficiency
    • Shield: 1000m 50 000e 2000bt 20000sHP 40sHP/s regen 180s recharge 250e/s drain
    • Heavy shield: 1200m 60 000e 3000bt 35000sHP 120sHP/s regen 180s recharge 500e/s drain
    • Gun: 1200m 60 000e 3000bt 40r → 33r
    • Nano: moved to right arm, 1000m 195HP/s regen


  • Jamming is cheaper, because it’s not used often and it buffs pure support SACUs. It also now has sonar and a larger radar range.
  • Gun: nerfed because it was OP.
  • Bubble shields are cheaper and have better regeneration to increase the use of pure support SACUs.
    • 16 000HP 200dmg/1s reload time
    • Jamming: 400m 20 000e 1000bt
    • Radar: 400m 20 000e 1000bt
      • Now has sonar as well
      • Radar/Sonar Range: 70 → 150
    • Drone: 200m 10 000e 500bt adds 37.5br via drone
    • Gun RoF: 1000m 50 000e 2500bt rof 2/s = 400dps
    • Gun AoE/range: 1200m 60 000e 3000bt 2aoe 33r
    • Shield: 1600m 80 000e 4000bt 24 000sHP 50sHP/s 170s recharge time 250e/s drain
    • Bubble shield: 3200m 160 000e 8000bt 50 000sHP 200sHP/s 20aoe 215s recharge 1000e/s drain


  • Lots of HP and lack of DPS: to increase faction diversity, and for AA/EMP that will be stronger without any extra upgrades.
  • Stealth: changed to a stealth field, to encourage use as a support SACU.
  • EMP: Stun changed to be less op against T3 units.
  • Nano: regeneration decreased because T3 units have less DPS.
  • Cloak: buffed so it's used more often.
    • 20 000HP 175dmg/1s reload time
    • Stealth: 200m 10 000e 500bt, changed to stealth field with 16aoe
    • AA: 600m 30 000e 1500bt 400dps, rof 1/3s
    • EMP: 800m 40 000e 2000bt T1/2 2s 3aoe T3 1s 2aoe
      • Removed damage bonus which is moved to gun instead.
    • Gun: 800m 40 000e 2000bt +75dmg = 250dps 28r
    • Nano: 1800m 90 000e 4500bt 400 → 245HP/s regen
    • Cloak: 5000m 5Me +15 000HP; Drains: 3500e → 2500e/s


  • The Seraphim suffered in some game types from not having RAS. To preserve faction diversity it was not added, but now the engineering suite gives them a little income. Its less efficient but better than nothing.
  • Swapped the positions of the rapid fabricator with teleport so you can have combat engineer SACUs.
  • TML is more expensive but has more aoe, and more importantly can store up to 3 missiles which can annihilate an incoming army from huge ranges.
  • Overchange: Now also uses the variable overcharge mechanic, range bonus so you don't need to have sensor upgrade for it to be effective, because the default range is 23.
    • 14 500HP 250dmg/1s reload time; 2m/200e → +2m/300e
    • Swapped positions of rapid fabricator with teleport
    • Rapid Fabricator: 800m 51 800e 4200bt → 800m 40 000e 2000bt +2m/300e additional income
    • Sensor: 400m 20 000e 1000bt
    • Shield: 2000m 100 000e 5000bt 25000sHP 100sHP/s 160s recharge; 22HP/s → 250e/s drain
    • Nano: 2000m 14000HP 250HP/s → 10500HP 145HP/s regen
    • TML: 2000m 6000dmg on 3 → 3.5aoe 5-256r → 15-256r can store 3 missile
    • Overcharge: 5s reload 2.5aoe no range added → 10s reload 3.5aoe 28r
      • Now deals variable damage: 1000 damage for every 1000 energy used, up to 6000 damage per shot.
  • Air

    General changes

    • Shields now absorb crash damage from falling wrecks, and now wrecks bounce off of shields! (since integrated into normal FAF)
      • A shield can absorb up to 20% of its maximum HP from a unit - so experimentals can still damage the ground after colliding with shields.
    • All aircraft now have an auto-refuel mechanism:
      • Planes below 20% fuel and 60% HP will seek airstaging facilities to dock at.
      • They will prioritise the closest unused facilities, if none exist they will land nearby and wait for them to be available.
      • This feature is on by default, but can be toggled off by right-clicking the Refuel button.
      • Planes that have a complex queue of orders won't go to refuel, so they won't cancel their waypoints.
    • Crash damage is now more predictable - higher tech units deal more crash damage
    • Air staging facility: buildable as T1 building, 175m, 2100e, 534bt → 150m, 1500e, 150bt
    • Air staging facilities now can accommodate more planes of higher tech levels at once. (Since integrated into normal FAF)
    • Air Staging facilities now repair for free.
  • Gunships are not able to fire on air units with their ground fire weapon anymore


    1. To re-enable the fuel mechanic which is currently non-existent and to give air staging facilities and carriers a purpose again, leading in general to more selective and locational use of air, rather than just denying all air after 1 fight.
    2. Airstaging was needed at T1, and was priced like a T1 building, so it was moved there for convenience.
    3. The free repair prevents them from seizing up when you are stalling, and effectively trapping your aircraft in them.
  • T1 Air Units


    Price changed to help promote scouting. They also received a bit of Watervision so that they can detect stealthed units if they fly right over them.
    • Price: 40m 420e 145bt → 30m 750e 200bt
    • Watervision: 20


    Less energy cost and more mass cost to make tech switching easier and to encourage each player in a team game to build some air. The speed increase helps catch strats, so you are never powerless against them.
    • Price: 50m 2250e 500bt → 60m 1500e 400bt
    • Speed: 15 → 16


    Buffed bombers, to make them easier to use, since they make the game more interesting and to keep them in line since MAA is buffed in this mod. There is now much less reason to hoverbomb since the bombers have a much improved turning circle.

      Aeon: Increasing faction diversity, the Aeon bomber is better for single targets, and higher tech units; the emp can also support your army, but it’s less useful for armies, unlike Seraphim with its large aoe.

    • Price: 105m 2450e 500bt → 90m 2250e 600bt
    • 4s reload time, → 6s reload time
    • Manoeuvrability improved, target priorities changed to engineers (from T1 air units)
    • Bombers are more reliable with bomb dropping now, and fail to drop less often.
    • Removed friendly fire to avoid situations where multiple bombers kill themselves with their own bombs.

    • Sinnve: 4aoe → 3.5aoe
    • Scorcher: 3aoe, fire time 1.5 → 3.5aoe; fire time 3
    • Shimmer: 200dmg 4aoe → 400dmg 2.5aoe
      • 80m 2250e 500bt → 105m 2625e 700bt
      • Target priorities changed to: engineers -> T2 land AA -> T2 mobile land
      • Stun: T1/T2 1,5s 4aoe → T1:3s 7.5aoe, T2:2s 5aoe, T31s 2.5aoe (unable stun t3 navy)


    In EQ, first jester is not an issue, so it can be of a similar mass efficiency to T2 gunships, also the buff helps maintain its effectiveness versus T1/2 maa.
    • Price: 200m 5000e 1000bt → 175m 3500e 700bt
    • 53dps 0.3s reload time 12speed → 55dps 0.4reload time 10speed

    T1 transports

    T1 transports had their price adjusted since T1 Air factories have higher energy costs, so rushing a transport is the same but any subsequent transports are a little cheaper. Additionally, any units being transported now leave wrecks correctly if the transport is shot down.
    • Price: 120m 4800e 800bt 0regen → 120m 3000e 800bt 5HP/s regeneration

    T2 Air Units

    T2 gunships

    Increased the faction diversity with gunships:

      Spectres are faster because Aeon doesn't have a T2 bomber, and they are also cheaper and weaker

      Renegades have more range because they can't move while firing effectively

      Vulthoos are stronger because Seraphim doesn't have T3 gunships

    • Price: 240m 4800e 1600bt → 245m 5250e 1400bt
    • Spectre: 848HP 65dps 12sp → 175m 3750e 1000bt 750HP 50dps 13sp
      • Uniform scale: 0.25 → 0.2 (only visual change = smaller model)
    • Renegade: 832HP 3aoe 22r → 850HP 3.5aoe 26r
    • Stinger: 880HP → 900HP
    • Vulthoo: 864HP 60dps 0aoe 22r → 315m 6750e 1800bt 1200HP 80dps 0.5aoe 24r
      • Uniform scale: 0.06 → 0.4 (only visual = bigger model)
      • Improved targeting on its ground weapons so it misses units much less often.

    Torpedo bombers

    Torpedo Bombers are slightly better with a bit more speed and turn rate. They were given depth charges to make the more consistent, also cleaning up buggy code in the process.
    • Price: 240m 4800e 1600bt → 245m 5250e 1400bt
    • Speed: 15 → 16
    • Break Off Distance: 34 → 55
    • All now fire depth-charges with 0aoe → 0.5 aoe
    • All torpedo bombers now drop consistently and dont overshoot their targets.

    T2 Fighter/bombers

    T2 air needed to be better against T3 air, so T2 fighter/bombers cost less, have less ground damage and health, but AA dps is unchanged. Also the Notha firing tolerance changed so it doesn't miss as much.

      Target priorities changed to make using them less frustrating

      Corsair AA was buffed to be more similar to other T2 bombers (still much worse)

      Swift winds have a higher price and receive more HP to maintain their advantage as the best T2 AA fighter.

    • Price: 420m 8400e 2400bt → 350m 7500e 2000bt
    • Target priorities: T3 land mobile AA -> T2 land mobile AA
    • Reload time and damage doubled - now FBs destroy interceptors in a single shot
      • Corsair: 1100HP 1200dmg bomb 2aoe → 900HP 1000dmg bomb 2.5aoe 45r
        • AA weapon: 152dps 30r 55muzzle → 200dps 40r 95 muzzle velocity
        • Improved targeting on its ground missiles, and prevent them from missing wildly on turns.
      • Janus: 1200HP 1200dmg 3aoe → 950HP 300+800bomb dmg 5aoe 45r
      • Notha: 1175HP 1175dmg bomb 3aoe → 925HP 1050bomb dmg 4aoe 45r firing tolerance 20
      • T2 Fighter/bombers are more reliable with bomb dropping now, and fail to drop less often, and are in general more consistent with their behaviour.

    Swift winds

    • Price: 200m 6000e 1600bt → 245m 5250e 1550bt
    • Maximum Health: 800 → 900


    Mercies have been reworked to be better against sniping buildings, damage large armies and worse for ACU snipes - an ACU moving away will receive only ~50% of the full damage. Crash damage was increased so that the mercy is only 99% useless if it gets shot down and because it makes more sense for a flying bomb to deal some damage on falling.
    • Price: 300m 6000e 2000bt → 245m 5250e 1400bt
    • 50s fuel time 25crash dmg → 120s fuel time 500crash dmg
    • 2400dmg 3aoe muzzle velocity 18 → 300dmg/0.3s for 3s (=3000dmg) 4.5aoe, muzzle velocity 10

    T2 transports

    Transports got some regeneration to make them reusable without needing to pay attention to repair them. Additionally, any units being transported now leave wrecks correctly if the transport is shot down. (since implemented in normal FAF)
    • Price: 300m 12000e 2400bt → 280m 6000e 1600bt
    • 0HP/s regen 25/0 crash dmg → 5HP/s regen 100dmg 2aoe crash dmg
      • Aeon: 28.8AA dps → 72AA dps
      • Cybran EMP weapon: T1/T2-2s → T1: 3s T2: 2s T3: 0.5s
      • Seraphim: 6.6 ground dps → 20 ground dps
      • UEF: 48AA dps → 32AA dps

    T3 Air Units

    Spy planes

    Increased faction diversity between Spy planes:

      Cybran added stealth toggle, and energy consumption, so it's in line with the other stealthed aircraft.

      Seraphim doesn’t have any advanced intel like the other factions ( eye of rihane, Soothsayer, novax) so you can place it in the enemy base similar to Selens.

    • Price: 195m 7500e 900bt; 30 speed → 200m 7500e 1200bt; 25 speed
    • Watervision: 25
    • Faction diversity: 30omni 96radar 64visual for all
      • Aeon: 35omni 100radar 65visual intel 1050HP
      • Cybran: 30omni 85radar 55visual stealth 700HP add stealth toggle and e consumption
      • UEF: 30omni 85radar 55visual stealth 1200HP 27speed
      • Seraphim: 25omni 80radar 50visual, stealth+cloak while not moving 1100HP → 700HP


    ASF were just unbelievably OP. Their price was increased to allow more time for T2 units, before the inevitable ASF swarm arrives. They have less speed, more reload time, less dps to make them less superior (brutally unstoppable with air) and allow T2 air to compete (but still lose), more turret yaw/pitch range to give less random results in air combat (this is the cone where asf can fire). And even after such nerfs they are still superior.
    • Price: 350m 40 000e 3000bt → 525m 35 000e 4200bt
    • 25speed 400/405dps 1s reload time → 20speed 300/303dps 1.5s reload time
    • Turret pitch/yaw range: 55 → 135

    T3 Gunships + special

    T3 gunships are a very interesting but underused unit so they got cheaper, with the same effectiveness so you can build them more often (also buffed a bit).

      Cybran got stealth instead of jamming so you can have fully stealthed T3 air, and because it’s a Cybran trait, allowing them to have a fully stealthed t3 air.

      UEF got jamming because it’s more of a UEF trait.

      Aeon restorer is adjusted slightly so it’s the same as before relative to changed air.

      Continental: Less energy consumption and less AA dps - better than making it stupidly expensive. Its shield bubble is also slightly bigger so it can be combined with T3 gunships and cover them.

    • Restorer: 1200m 64000e 6000bt → 1000m 37500e 6000bt
      • 6000HP 120GF/142AA dps 25/60r 8sp → 4500HP 125GF/130AA dps 25/50r 10speed
    • Wailer: 1260m 42000e 6300bt → 1000m 25000e 6000bt
      • 5900HP 233GF/18AA dps 25/38r jamming 25e/s → 4250HP 225GF/30AA dps 25/45r stealth 50e/s
    • Broadsword: 1260m 42000e 6300bt → 1000m 25000e 6000bt
      • 6000HP 250GF/12AA dps 25/44r → 4500HP 200GF/50AA dps 25/50r jamming
    • Continental: 1400m 52500e 5250bt -400e/s → 1400m 70 000e 8400bt -150e/s
      • 4500HP 30GF/264AA dps → 2500HP 30GF/120AA dps
      • Shield dome: 3000shield 35s recharge time 30regen 8.5size → 4000shield 50recharge time 25regen 11size
        • Spills over 15% of its damage (unchanged unlike normal FAF)
    • Solace: 1650m 55000e 6600bt → 1625m 48750e 7800bt
      • Depth-charges with 0 aoe → 0.5 aoe

    T3 bombers

    Strats were a bit of a cheese unit so they have less speed and HP so they can be countered with T1/2 air, they got some damage tweaks to make them more consistent, more reload time so they doesn’t destroy mexes too well while hover bombing.

      Cybran strat was nerfed with less survivability and more energy maintenance since stealth is a huge advantage and it now destroys T2 mex in a single pass like the others.

    • Price: 2100m 105 000e 8400bt → 2000m 100 000e 9600bt
    • 17sp 90r 4s reload time → 16 speed 80r 6s reload time
    • T3 Bombers are more reliable with bomb dropping now, and fail to drop less often.
    • Aeon: 3450dmg 4aoe → 3300dmg 5aoe
    • Seraphim: 3250dmg 5aoe → 3150dmg 5,5aoe
    • UEF: 3000dmg 6aoe 45AA dps 44r → 3000dmg 6aoe 48AA dps 45r
    • Cybran: 2750dmg 7aoe 14AA dps 44r → 2850dmg 6.5aoe 50AA dps 45r
      • 3700HP 60e/s → 3000HP 100e/s

    T4 Air Units


    Air experimentals dont live long in enemy territory and so need this change to be able to operate there while giving less of a mass donation. This is the same for ASF in normal FAF.
    • Wreckage mass value: 0.9 → 0.45

    Soul Ripper

    Soul Ripper: decreased its mass cost, because it's not much stronger than a GC - when instant heal doesn't exist air exps are weaker (and are less cheese). More crash damage, because it's a very big unit.
    • Price: 34000m 480 000e 56 250bt → 30 000m 750 000e 37 500bt
    • 90000HP 240AA dps 5000crash on 4aoe → 80 000HP 400AA dps 7500crash dmg on 6aoe


    Reduced speed so it's easier to catch up to. Also its range was reduced so its not so easy to abuse its hover bombing ability to out-range SAMs (rather than making it possible but super annoying). Like other air exps, it got a boost to its AA dps, but we were careful not to make it OP, so it has reduced range because of that.
    • Price: 48 000m 780 000e 67 500bt → 40 000m 1 000 000e 50 000bt
    • 52000HP 20speed → 60 000HP 16speed
    • Ground: 20aoe 90r 20s → 11000dmg 15aoe 50r 15s reload time
    • Anti-Air: 4x450dps 64r → 4x500AA 45r
    • Crash: 10 000crash dmg 8 aoe
    • Improved turning behaviour over base game so its once again possible to hover conveniently.
    • Greatly improved its ability to drop successfully, it should fail far less often, if ever. (since integrated partially into FAF)


    It was a useless unit, that could help only due to its massive crash damage. But the CZAR is an experimental fortress, not a mercy. Massive increases to its HP and AA effectiveness help it be at least a little useful against air, and less against land. Now a CZAR can destroy 50-75% of its own mass in asf.

    It is now able to build units while moving! There is now a separately selectable submodule on the CZAR which builds the units.

      The beam damage was changed to be more effective against buildings, and less against moving land units, and depth charge dps was increased so that they’re not absolutely useless.

      The CZARs speed was reduced to make it less about cheese and more about strategy, and also helping ground AA counter it (20-25% mass in land AA destroys a CZAR)

    • Price: 45 000m 731250e 50625bt 180br → 45 000m 1 125 000e 56 250bt 240build rate
    • 58000HP 8speed → 150 000HP 5speed
    • Ground Laser: 3330dps → 2125dps against stationary objects 750dps against moving units.
    • Depth Charges: 4x37.5dps 1.5aoe 50r → 100dps 1.5aoe 80r + 200dps 3aoe 40r
    • Anti-Air: 4x 230dps 64r 50muzzle + 2x 960dps 3aoe 20muzzle 44r → 4x 500dps 100r 1s reload time 75muzzle + 2x 1000dps 5aoe 50r 0.5s reload time 60muzzle flak
    • Crash damage: 10 000dmg 15aoe


    T1 Naval Units


    Frigates are now a powerful intel unit. Other ships rely on them for intel rather than just HP sinks.

      AA nerfed on the Trident Class. The Cybrans have a very solid cruiser and T2 submarines; they dont need op frigates anymore.

      The Shard now has more HP, so it doesn't get killed in one pass by torpedo bombers. It also has torpedo defense to help against submarines.

      The Beacon has more range than others but less speed, micro will make it more effective than other frigates.

    • Water Vision: 16 → 35
    • Trident Class: 250m 2500e 1250bt 1900HP → 250m 2500e 1000bt 1800HP
      • Weapons: 64gf/16aa dps → 55GF/12AA dps
    • Hau-esel: 270m 2700e 1350bt → 260m 2600e 1040bt
    • Thunderhead Class: 280m 2800e 1400bt 2120HP → 270m 2700e 1080bt 2200HP
      • Adjusted jamming ability to be more effective and less buggy
    • Beacon Class: 290m 2900e 1450bt → 280m 2800e 1120bt
      • 1800HP 6sp 48dps 31r → 2000HP 5.8speed 60dps 35r
      • Torpedo defense reload time: 10s → 3.3s
      • Torpedo defence now works more consistently at maximum range and uses the unit muzzles correctly.


    • Price: 120m 1200e 800bt 750HP 8speed, visual 32 → 150m 1500e 600bt 1000HP 7speed visual intel 35
    • Anti-Air: 35dps 48r → 45dps 50r
    • Added torpedo defence: 35r 2.5s reload time


    T1 Attack submarines get their originally intended role. Their job is to sink ships. And they got some serious buffs to enable that.

      T1 submarine are stronger and more expensive units, main reason for this is neglect unit pathfinding problems.

      The deck gun range was reduced because it outranged frigates which would have made submarines very strong early game for raiding mexes.

      The Aeon submarine is faster because it doesn’t have a deck gun, which can be a huge disadvantage. For the same reason it gets increased vision radius when its on the surface, so there is some reason for them to go there.

      The Seraphim submarine is different as usual. It has less HP but torpedo defense to cover up for it. This defense is very strong in large numbers.

    • Price: 360m 2880e 1440bt → 500m 5000e 2000bt
    • Uniform scale: 0.05 → 0.07 (visual size)
    • Intel: 32 water-vision → 15 water-vision 32 vision → 15 vision
    • Torpedo range: 32r → 35r
    • Reload time: 4s → 2s

    • Aeon: 6speed → 7speed 575hp → 675hp 37.5dps → 75dps
      • New feature - increased vision radius when surfaced.
    • Cybran: 6speed → 6.5speed 550hp → 650hp 37.5dps → 80dps; deck cannon 32r → 24r
    • UEF: 6speed → 6speed 600hp → 700hp 37.5dps → 75dps; deck cannon 32r → 30r
    • Seraphim: 6speed → 6.5speed 400hp → 525hp 37.5dps → 75dps; deck cannon 32r → 24r
      • Torpedo defense: 32r → 35r 10s reload-time → 2.5s reload-time

    T2 Naval Units

    Support units

    Regen added because they can't get veterancy.

      Mermaid: These boats provide a huge stealth advantage. The price increase should balance that and the crazy anti-torp stacking they have.

      Bulwark: Price changed to standardise factory drain values. Lower range on its shield so you need more bulwarks to completely cover your navy. (it's one of the main reasons why UEF navy is OP)

    • Mermaid: 600m 6000e 1500HP 0reg → 750m 7500e 1900HP 5HP/s reg 62sonar 60radar → 32sonar 32radar
    • Bulwark: 1300m 13000e 5200bt 0reg 120shield-aoe → 1350m 13500e 5400bt 5HP/s reg 80 shield-aoe

    T2 Submarine Hunters

    Sub hunters: They were given their original pre-beta role. Now they really do hunt submarines, due to their extremely powerful torpedo defense, with which they can protect a whole fleet.

      Cooper: Nerfed a little so it's not better against destroyers than a destroyer (when microed).

    • 1100m 8800e 4400bt; 20water-vision, 32vision-radius; -1.5 elevation → 1050m 7000e 4200bt; 20water-vision, 20vision-radius; -2.5 elevation
    • Cooper: 900m 72000r 3600bt 1750HP 100dps 45 water-vision → 1050m 7000e 4200bt 1500HP 90dps 50 water-vision fixed-hitbox
      • Hitbox adjusted to be easier to hit
    • Barracuda: 1430HP 6.5speed → 750HP 5.5speed; loses its stealth when firing
    • Vespa: 1800HP 4torpedo 6.5speed → 1200HP 6torpedo (same dps) 6speed
    • Barracuda/Vespa torpedo defense: Flares/single → Flares; reload time: 2s


    Cruisers got their price changed to standardise factory drain values.

      Infinity Class: Tiny buff to its tiny ground weapon to help make it more convenient by making it stay further behind due to its larger range.

      Siren Class: Since cybrans don't have shields, their cruiser gets more HP to survive longer vs torps. With more HP, and less dps it will buy more time for the rest of the cybran navy to deal damage, due to the decentralised nature of their AA dps. Since it's also better in surface warfare you can build these more often into your navy, but they are completely defenseless vs submerged threats.

      • Toggle on its AA removed to fix a poorly implemented function where players can't tell if it's set to engage air or land. Now it will manage itself.

      The seraphim cruiser got a quality of life change to its flak weapon - more muzzle velocity, less dps to make it more consistent.

    • Price: 2000m 18000e 8000bt → 1950m 13000e 7800bt
    • Infinity Class: 80GF dps 60r 0.5fr → 100GF dps 80r 0.15fr
    • Siren Class: 3000HP → 4500HP
      • 180 dps direct fire; 530dps AA; 180dps toggle direct fire → 100dps direct fire; 300AA; 105dps toggle direct fire
      • Removed the toggle for its AA weapon → now it's automatic
      • The AA missiles now catch up to their targets a little more consistently.
      • Its toggled missiles now are much more consistent in hitting their targets.
      • Set up correct target priorities on its toggled missiles.
    • Ithalua flak weapon: 20muzzle 120damage 4aoe → 30muzzle 100dmg 3aoe
    • Governor class: Camera vision added on missiles: 7.5aoe 10s


    Destroyers got their water vision reduced as part of the submarine rework. They now have more aoe and muzzle velocity so they're able to hit small land units, which were nearly immune to destroyers. They now shoot depth charges which are great against subhunters but their low dps is not good against massed attack submarines. Faster depth-charges projectile to reduce overkill. They got a new strategic icon to show their role better, since they're now a lot less anti-naval focused.

      Exodus: aoe increased to fix the lack of a T2 land bombardment unit without messing up naval balance.

      Valiant: Due to its shorter range its a little faster to prevent infinite kiting.

    • 10000bt → 9000bt Torpedoes → Depth-charges 32vision 45water-vision 35 radar 37sonar → 30vision 20water-vision 30radar 32sonar
    • Exodus Class: 1060/5s 1aoe 75torp dmg 106depth-charge → 1000dmg/5s 2.5aoe 60depth-charge dps
    • Salem Torpedoes: 100dps → 70dps
      • Main cannon: 30 muzzle 1aoe → 35 muzzle velocity 1.5 aoe
      • Torpedo defense flares: 3.8s reload-time → 20s reload-time
      • AA reload time: 0.7s =57dps → 1s =40dps
    • Valiant main cannons: 30 muzzle 1 aoe 5speed → 35 muzzle velocity 1.5aoe 5.5speed
    • Uashavoh beam weapons: 1AOE → 1.5AOE
      • Torpedo defense: 3.8s reload-time → 1s reload-time
      • Adjusted firing pattern on its torpedoes to be more robust (dps unchanged)

    T3 Naval Units


    Aircraft carriers got a water vision adjustment to work better as support ships.

    Aircraft carriers can now build while moving. There is now a separately selectable submodule on the ship which builds the units.

    • Intel: 40sonar 36water vision → 25water vision 85sonar

    • Keefer: 4000m → 4050m
    • Command Class: 3600m → 4050m
    • Iavish: 4400m → 4500m

    T3 Submarines

    Submarines sit deeper in the water so it's not as easy to groundfire them; their range was decreased so you can counter them properly instead of groundfire.

    T3 Unique units

    Direct fire ships got a water vision adjustment to let support ship have stronger role on this field.

      Neptune: Price increased to compensate for its power agaisnt T2 navy.

      Torrent has more HP to bring its stats in line with T3 navy. Increased dps to be almost as good as the same mass in UEF/Seraphim cruisers. More build time to make it more like a T3 unit. It now also has a manual TML launcher that helps give it an edge over T2 Cruiser Bombardment.

    • Intel: 110radar 20sonar 50water vision → 50radar 50sonar 25 water vision
    • Neptune: 7000m 60 000e 25200bt → 7875m 78750e 31500bt
      • Beam weapons: 1aoe → 1.5aoe
      • torpedoes → depth-charges
    • Torrent: 8000m 80 000e 16000bt 15 000HP 3speed → 7875m 78750e 31500bt 20 000HP 4.5speed
      • Missiles: 2x 200dps 2aoe → 2x 250dps 3aoe
      • Added manual launch TML: max 2missiles, 50-200r, 6000dmg, 5aoe, 80build-rate


      Galaxy has more range since Cybran lacked a t3 unit that could outrange T2 stationary arty, and so it got a price increase as well.

      Summit dps and muzzle velocity reduced to make it more balanced against navy.

    • 8000/9000m 54 000e 28 800bt 2/3aoe 50 water vision 20sonar → 9000m 90 000e 36 000bt 2.5aoe 25 water vision 50sonar

    • Galaxy: 128 → 135r main cannon; Reload Time: 4s → 1s (DPS unchanged)
      • torpedoes 20dps → depth-charges 50dps
      • AA: 2x30dps 0.8s Reload Time → 2x60dps 1.5s Reload Time
    • Summit: 51000HP → 50 000HP
      • Main cannon damage: 1000 => 450dps → 900 => 405dps
      • Main cannon muzzle velocity: 30 → 28
      • AA: 4x14dps → 4x20dps
    • Omen: 105/114r → 100r (reverting FAF changes)
      • Speed: 3.7 → 3.6 (reverting FAF changes)
    • Huaathun: 128r → 130r
      • Main Cannons: firing randomness: 2.5 → 1; muzzle velocity:40 → 30 (reverting FAF changes)
      • AA reload time: 1.1s = 29.1dps → 2s = 50dps, firing randomness: 2.5 → 1; muzzle velocity:20 → 30
      • Nuke minimum range: 128r → 130r (to not have additional circle)

    T4 Submarines

    The naval experimentals were somewhat lackluster so they got some improvements to make them more powerful but not so easy to get. Both the Atlantis and Tempest got special seabed detection code so they don't clip through the floor as much anymore, stopping their torpedoes from firing.

      Atlantis is faster so it’s not a sea snail. Regen added because every T4 has natural regen.

      Tempest build time increased by a lot (3x), fixed so it's a real experimental - it still loses against equal mass in battleships or subs but now it has a reason to be built, aside from a stupidly fast build time.

      Both are now able to build units while moving! There is now a separately selectable submodule on the experimental which builds the units. The Atlantis can build underwater.

    • Atlantis: 80r 0reg 20500bt 252sonar, water-vision 100, storage 150units 2.8sp → 75r 30000bt 15HP/s reg 250sonar 55water-vision 50air-storage 3.5sp
      • reload time 2s; damage 200 → reload time 1s; damage 100
      • Elevation: 5 → 15, and also added proper hit-boxes and animation
    • Tempest: 0regen 28000bt 100water-vision 2.5sp 60 000HP → 15HP/s reg 40000bt 55water-vision 2.8sp 125000HP
      • Main cannon: 8000dmg 5aoe 10reload time → 7500dmg 7aoe 12.5s reload time - 600dps, 28 muzzle velocity
      • Depth charges: 80r 420dps → 75r 330dps
      • Uniform scale: 0.1 → 0.08 (80% model size)
      • Elevation: 5 → 15, and also added proper hit-boxes and animation


    Land Defensive buildings

    T1 Point Defense

    • 2000e → 2500e

    T2/3 Point Defense

    T2 PD: Adjusted and standardized the prices and build times so they work with all the land changes.

    T3 PD: Nerfed to maintain balance with the nerfed T3 units.

    • Cybran: 480m 3400e 600bt → 480m 3600e 600bt
    • Seraphim: 528m 3648e 727bt → 500m 3750e 625bt
    • Aeon: 528m 3648e 701bt → 520m 3900e 650bt
    • UEF: 540m 3600e 664bt → 540m 4050e 675bt
    • UEF Ravager: 1800m 18000e 1500bt 7500HP 353dps → 1950m 19500e 1625bt 6500HP 253dps

    T2 Static Artillery

    This unit was nearly useless due to its firing randomness and cost, it was only worth building them against fatboys and in some cases Cybran T2 navy. In this mod they are reworked to be a T2 version of T3 artillery. Very expensive, but can be serious threat for the enemy base or an incoming army. A game ender on 5x5 1v1 maps and a major investment in teamgames. Faction diversity was also increased, where different factions have different artillery.
    • Friendly fire: allowed → Disabled.
    • Artillery now adapts its muzzle velocity to maintain a higher firing arc.
    • Range adjust 5-128 → 15-130

    • Cybran: 2500m 25000e 3125bt 300/3000e for shot; 4250HP 2fr 150dps 15s reload time
      • Stun effect: 10aoe T1: 4s T2: 3s T3: 2s; Naval: T1: 3s T2: 2s T3: 1s
    • UEF: 2750m 27500e 3437.5bt 250/2500e for shot; 4750HP 1.625fr 175dps 20s reload time
    • Seraphim: 2750m 27500e 3437.5bt 250/2500e for shot; 4500HP 1.375fr 175dps 20s reload time
    • Aeon: 3000m 30000e 3750bt 300/3000e for shot; 4500HP 1.125fr 200dps 20s reload time

    Tactical missile launchers

    AOE increased to kill storage around mexes when targeting them. It is also better at hitting moving units now, to make using this against armies more viable. The amount of missiles TMLs can store has also been decreased, since you never need 20 and forgetting to disable autobuild will waste eco.
    • AOE: 2 → 3
    • Aeon: 700m 3500e 700bt 18ammo → 7000e 875bt 10ammo
    • UEF: 800m 4000e 800bt 18ammo → 8000e 1000bt 12ammo; Add camera vision on missile 10aoe 10s
    • Seraphim: 825m 4500e 700bt 20ammo → 800m 8000e 1000bt 12ammo
    • Cybran: 850m 5100e 850bt 10ammo → 8500e 1062.5bt 8ammo

    Tactical missile defense

    FAF balance broke it, we're unbreaking it.
    • The Aeon TMD has been (finally) fixed! It will now catch missiles flying over it. They are now the best TMD. However, they trade hp and range for this advantage.
    • Price: 280m 3200e 600bt → 340m 3400e 425bt
    • UEF/Cybran/Seraphim: 31r → 32r
    • Aeon: building/cruiser/battleship fix was integrated from EQ to official balance
      • Fixed a bug where it was able to deflect nukes, mercy projectiles and some others.

    Defensive buildings & Intel


    Walls: We all know how good they are. Now they have half of their previous HP and are slower to reclaim.
    • Max Health: 4000HP → 2000HP
    • Reclaim Time Multiplier: 1 → 25 -> Means that it takes the same time to reclaim as build.

    T2 shields

    Shields remain mostly the same, with just a couple of small changes here and there to keep with the new unit balance. A notable change is that the Cybran shield ED4 can now be built at T3, then upgraded once to the ED5 if needed.
    • Aeon: 480m 5760e 701bt 12,66br 150e/s 138reg → 500m 7500e 625bt 25br 130regen
    • UEF: 600m 6000e 845bt 19,95br 200e/s 120reg → 600m 9000e 750bt 25br 120regen
    • Seraphim: 700m 7000e 958bt 12,98br 250e/s 153reg → 700m 10500e 875bt 25br 150regen

    Cybran Shields

    • ED1: 160m 2000e 600bt 15.53bt 500HP 100e/s 45reg → 200m 3000e 500bt 12.5br 500HP 40regen 75e/s 18aoe
    • ED2: 300m(460) 3000e 1066bt 13,34br 200e/s 500HP 88reg 16s recharge 22aoe → 200m(400m) 3000e(6000e) 750bt 12.5br 600HP 80reg 150e/s 18s recharge 20aoe
    • ED3: 800m(1260) 12000e 2133bt 12,23br 300e/s 500HP 112reg 28aoe → 600m(1000m) 9000e(15000e) 1500bt 20br 700HP 100reg 250e/s 25aoe

    T3 shields

    The ED5 was significantly weaker than other shields, costing more than the seraphim while being both weaker and smaller than the UEF! So it has been made significantly cheaper and now has a slightly wider area of effect, making it like a slightly worse UEF analogue.
    • ED4: 1200m(2460) 24000e 3600bt 11,81br 500HP 130reg 34aoe → 1400m(2400m) 2800e(43000e) 2900bt 12.5br 800HP 120reg 350e/s 35aoe
    • Buildable as a T3 shield.
  • ED5: 1800m(4060) 26666e 5254bt 500HP 140reg 40aoe → 800m(3200m) 16000e(59000e) 3400bt 1000HP 200reg 500e/s 44aoe
  • Aeon: 2400m 44000e 4097bt 300e/s 150reg → 2400m 48000e 3000bt 300HP 150reg 300e/s
  • UEF: 3000m 50000e 4988bt 400e/s 131reg 44aoe → 3000m 60000e 3750bt 500HP 130reg 400e/s 45aoe
  • Seraphim: 3600m 60000e 5841bt 600HP 168reg 46aoe → 3600m 72000e 4500bt 700HP 160reg 500e/s 50aoe

    T2 Stealth Field generators

    The stealth generators get some changes to make them more interesting to use by enabling new strategies and to increase faction diversity.

      Aeon get to protect their stealth generator if it gets under attack by packing it up. In return for disabling stealth it recieves a considerable HP boost while in its packed state.

      The UEF also get a jamming generator on their building, which for some extra energy drain creates fake building blips, making the enemy suspect PD placement.

      Seraphim personal cloak was added so that this building is fully invisible, except for a visual effect. This makes it easier to use offensively since the generator itself is harder to find. To prevent it from being used as a stealth intel system, its visiol radius was reduced.

    • added 'DEFENSE' category → sparky can build them

    • Aeon: 726/664bt → 500bt
      • Armoured mode: Gains 1750 HP and 5/s regen when it's disabled (and packed up).
    • UEF: 726/664bt → 500bt
      • Jamming ability with its own toggle (25e/s):
      • Creates 4 radar blips disguised as buildings.
    • Cybran: 320m 4000e 400bt → 300m 4500e 375bt
    • Seraphim: 626bt 125e/s → 500bt 150e/s
      • Personal cloak ability that functions when stealth field is enabled
      • Visual radius: 20 → 5


      T1/2 Radar: resource adjusted to fit equilibrium's building pattern where units of the same type and tech drain same resources while being built.

      T2 Radar: It got its consumption reduced a little so its more convenient to build, as its a little underused.

      T3 Radar: On the most popular maps its enough to place one somewhere in your back base and its enough to see the whole map. We just made it require a little more strategic placement and use of (gasp) multiple radars on larger maps.

    • T1 Radar: 80m 720e 80bt 14.08br → 100m 1000e 100bt 12.5br
    • T2 Radar: 180m 3600e 845bt 21.46br → 200m 4000e 625bt 25br
      • Radar energy drain: 250 → 200
    • T3 Radar: 2400m 30000e 2575bt → 2400m 48000e 3750bt
      • Radar radius: 600 → 500

    Cybran T3 Perimeter Monitoring System

    This is a very expensive and rarely used building, and needed more HP so its harder to snipe and the reclaim doesnt get damaged as much.
    • Price: 4800m 60000e 1195bt, 500HP → 4500m 90000e 5625bt 2750HP

    Aeon T3 Quantum Optics Facility

    This building is in the same situation as the perimeter monitoring system, so it got the same treatment. We buffed its action radius so it needs fewer clicks to scout the enemy base. Now it needs less initial energy to work, so it doesn't create the all-too-common "why isn't it working" question, working without any extra storage.
    • Price: 48000e 2575bt 250HP → 60000e 3750bt 2000HP
    • Initial energy drain: 10000e → 3800e
    • Remote viewing radius: 25 → 40
    • Building Footprint size: 5x5 → 3x3
  • Game enders

    Strategic missile launchers

    Nuke + nuke defence: Build rate and missile build time rebalanced. Unassisted, nukes and anti-nukes still build in the same amount of time. However, engineers are now more effective at assisting SMDs, and less effective at assisting SMLs. Building an anti-nuke will now be more feasible when scouting an already built, but unloaded, SML.
    • Price: 15 000m 225 000e 18750bt 1080br → 1200br
    • Strategic missile projectile - nuke missile:
      • Price: 10 500m 1 050 000e 360 000bt
      • 70 000dmg 30aoe + 2500dmg 40 aoe
    Strategic missile defense:
    • Price: 7500m 75 000e 9375bt 1080br → 800br
    • Strategic missile projectile - anti-nuke missile:
      • Price: 3600m 360 000e 192 000bt

    T3 Artillery

    Prices and ranges unified, HP increased. One faction's artillery can no longer be built out of the range of another's. All T3 arty can now survive a single T3 arty shot from any faction.

      All T3 artillery now has fewer systematic errors in targeting, and now there is more faction diversity, with Cybran Artillery firing more often with less powerful shells. The artillery structures also turn a little faster to make them more convenient to use.

      Aeon had two T3 artillery buildings, but one is rarely used. The Salvation has been reworked to have T3 arty stats, but retains its unique firing cycle. Aeon T3 arty is now better against armies and slightly worse against bases.

      The Emissary has been reworked to an expensive T4 Game Ender. At around half its (usually overkill) range and boasting even more dps, the Emissary is now comparable to a Mavor. While the Mavor has a higher alpha strike and a more swiftly moving round, the Emissary makes use of the damage over time mechanic which causes shields to have a hard time recovering.

    • 72 000m 1080000e 45000bt 150-800r (for all)
    • Aeon Salvation: (swapped with emissary that is a game ender now) 13000HP 36x100dmg/6s 4aoe 0,35firing randomness
    • Cybran: 12500HP 450dps 0.525fr 8aoe, 5s reload time
    • UEF: 15000HP 550dps 0.525fr 6aoe
    • Seraphim: 13500HP 0.675fr 7aoe
      • Fixed a bug where it had a systematic firing error causing it to miss


    The Novax was almost in the right place, it just needed a nudge to make it nicer to use. Since it is a spy satellite and the UEF doesn't have a dedicated advanced intel structure, it got a slight intel boost. Since shields absorb crash damage now, the damage reduction has been reverted to its previous value as its not possible to exploit anymore.
      Price: 28000m 400000e 30000bt → 30000m 450000e 18750bt
    • 9000HP 0HP/s → 15000HP, 25HP/s regeneration
    • Speed of satellite: 6 → 8
    • Damage radius of beam: 1 → 2.5
    • Radar radius: 70 → 150, visual radius 40 → 50, omni radius 0 → 30
    • Satellite crash damage: 3000 → 3000 (unchanged from previous patches)
    • Satellite wreck value: 8100 → 4050 to avoid the wreckage of the satellite and centre combined being more than the buildcost, allowing an infinite mass exploit

    Game Enders

    Gamenders had their resource prices adjusted. All game enders are now a tiny cheaper, they are more late game than usual due to eco adjustments.
    • Paragon: 250200m 7506000e 125100bt → 252000m 6300000e 105 000bt
      • 5000HP 0HP/s → 6000HP 25HP/s regeneration
    • Yolona Oss: 187650m 10008000e 125100bt → 180000m 10800000e 90 000bt
      • 12000HP 0HP/s → 10000HP 5HP/s regeneration
      • Improvements in scripts for more consistent launching behaviour, it is now possible for it to fire every 20 seconds with enough assistance.
    • Mavor: 224775m 5994000e 99900bt → 216000m 4320000e 90 000bt
      • 8000HP 0HP/s → 10000HP, 5HP/s regeneration
      • Firing randomness: 0.22 → 0.15
    • Emissary: 73200m 91500e 30764bt → 216000m 4320000e 90 000bt
      • 12000HP 0HP/s → 8000HP 5HP/s
      • Range: 150-900 → 175-1800
      • Damage: 12000 → 30000 in 12 pulses over 6 seconds = 2000dps, damage radius 5 → 6
      • Rate of fire: 20s → 15s
      • Firing randomness: 0.35 → 0.2; muzzle velocity 65 → 100
      • Energy drain per shot: 4250e → 7500e
      • Emmissary shows as a T4 unit, so you don’t confuse it with the Salvation.
      • It now uses a better impact effect, which also shows on water and shields correctly.